Wellness Wednesday: The Great Outdoors

Wellness Wednesday: The Great Outdoors

Issue 2

I have teamed up with some amazing women bloggers to bring you Wellness Wednesday. Together with Andrea from Pine Tree Farmhouse, Shellie from Shellie Lynn.com, and Stephanie from Steph’s Social Pie we will share with you our knowledge to help you live a happier, healthier life. Join us twice a month for some of the best information we can give you to from our journey to yours.

This issue is about The Great Outdoors, read on for natural soap, essential oils, stepping outside, and a garden full of natural remedies. Read our previous issue here.

Heads up: My posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission, which helps the flower fund. Thanks!

Exfoliating Gardener’s Hand Soap

Andrea from Pine Tree Farmhouse explains how she created Peppermint and Pine hot process soap from foraged pine needles. I love using things found in nature and soap is a great way to incorporate herbs and plants. Check out Pine Tree Farmhouse.

peppermint and pine gardeners soap
Peppermint and Pine Gardener’s Soap

Top 5 Essential Oils to Help With Outdoor Seasonal Threats

Shellie Lynn at Shellie Lynn.com shows you the top essential oils to support you during allergy season. It’s Spring and that means the flowers and trees are spreading their pollen. Learn how to ease your suffering naturally at Shellielynn.com.

Essential oil bottles and herbs
Top 5 Essential oils to help with outdoor seasonal threats

Simply Step Outdoors To Reduce Stress And Anxiety!

Steph, at Steph’s Social Pie, discusses an easy and natural way to reduce stress and anxiety by getting outdoors. Take a walk outside and breathe it all in and release your stress. Read more about reducing stress and anxiety at Steph’s Social Pie.

women walking outside
Simply Step Outdoors To Reduce Stress And Anxiety!

Complete Guide to the Beginner’s Apothecary Garden

My contribution from the Garden of Aquarius to the Wellness Wednesday Blog Series is the Beginner’s Apothecary Garden. An apothecary or medicinal garden is grown with the purpose of using herbs, flowers, plants, and roots as natural remedies for common ailments. Read more here to begin your own medicinal garden.

Using herbs in teas
Beginner’s Apothecary Garden

Wellness Wednesday Blog Series

I hope you are enjoying our Wellness Wednesday Blog Series. This is our bi-monthly article promoting natural health and wellness. Read the 1st in the series here. I hope you will subscribe to these blogs for more natural living articles and tips. Quick links to each blog below. Thank you for reading.

Pine Tree Farmhouse


Steph’s Social Pie

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Chamomile flowers in a tea cup
Wellness Wednesday: The Great Outdoors Issue 2

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