Vertical Succulent Garden Tutorial

Vertical Succulent Garden Tutorial

Are you loving these vertical succulent garden tutorials on Pinterest?

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I am! Succulents are so much fun to grow and propagate and grow again. Seeing all of the vertical succulent gardens on Pinterest gave me the inspiration to create my own. I just needed a wooden box to start. Let me show you how I did it.

Google Keep is my friend in my phone that keeps my lists handy when I need them. In there is a Thrift store list where I put items I’m looking for so when I go to the thrift store I can stay focused. The wooden box has been on there for a good while.

My husband was going to make me one with the scrap wood in his garage, but ain’t nobody got time to wait for that! I can do it myself but we have a mutual understanding of his tools vs. my tools. So, cue the thrift store trip where I found the perfect wooden box.

Thrift store haul

On this memorable trip, I also found the perfect teapots to make these adorable bird feeders for Mother’s Day gifts. Check them out here. Back to the wooden box, I found this lightweight, wooden box with a groove in it and plexiglass that slides out. Perfect!!! It already had the groove I needed without using the router.

Wooden box for vertical succulent planter
Wooden box and hardware cloth for vertical succulent planter

Things I had at home

I already had the other elements for this project at home. The box cost $1. The other things that I used were:

Tutorial for the vertical succulent garden

  • Attach the wall hanger to the back of the box if you plan on hanging it up.
  • Cut a piece of the garbage bag to line the back and sides of the box, glue it in.
  • Add succulent potting mix and fill in the box almost to the top where the screen will slide in.
  • Cut a piece of hardware cloth to fit inside the grooves of the box.
  • Cut sections with larger holes to fit your succulent transplant, the current holes are too small and will not allow your succulent stems to grow without cutting into them. Use wire clippers for this part and protect your eyes.
  • Slide the hardware cloth into the box groove.
  • Take a handful of the sphagnum moss and tear it into small pieces and put it into a bowl, spritz it with water to soften it up.
  • Using a toothpick or bamboo skewer poke it through the small holes where the succulents will NOT be. Really pack it in there.
  • Carefully plant your succulents into the larger holes, add potting mix around them and moss. Take your time with this part, it’s easy to damage those tender succulents.
  • Add more moss to hold it all in there nice and tightly.
  • Spritz with water and place it in indirect light for two weeks and let it take root.
  • Voila! Now if it would just GROW!

I can’t wait for it to grow and fill up this box. I am willing to wait for it to fill up as a trade off for using my own propagated (FREE) succulents.

Vertical succulent garden tutorial
Vertical succulent garden
Vertical succulent garden tutorial
Vertical succulent garden

Final thoughts

This was a satisfying project to make! I have wanted one of these for a long time. I will make that wooden box for the next one and it will be a lot bigger. It will need to have fully grown succulents and be just like I dream it, but for now, I am loving this cute little vertical succulent garden.

I hope you have enjoyed this Vertical Succulent Garden Tutorial and will be inspired to turn something that is old and ready for the trash into something useful that makes you happy.

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$1 DIY Vertical Succulent Planter
$1 DIY Vertical Succulent Planter

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