Enchanted Garden Inspiration

Enchanted Garden Inspiration

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Create your own enchanted garden with this inspiration planner and shopping guide for small garden spaces.

Do you love the idea of a garden with a winding path leading to a small, secret seating area surrounded by flowers and wildlife? Would you sit with a cup of tea and a book or just sit silently while watching the bees and butterflies float by?

Enchanted cottage garden
Enchanted garden
Photo by Sheldon Nunes on Unsplash

Creating an enchanted garden requires a bit of day dreaming and planning on your part. I’ve curated a selection of plants, trees, and flowers that would be perfect for an enchanted garden. Browse through my inspiration and create the enchanted garden of your dreams.


Plan your space. Draw it out on a piece of graph paper (print it from the web). Start with drawing the elements that are permanent, such as trees, fences, porches, etc. The plants listed here are suitable to full sun and some will tolerate partial shade.

To achieve an enchanted garden it should feel hidden and secret. Create a meandering path in the middle and select plants that will start small near the path’s edge and grow taller in height the further back in the bed they go. The plants will hug the path, closing it in, making it private.

The opening to your path should be inviting, drawing you in to see what lies beyond. Select plants and flowers that create mystique and interest. Different flowers with interesting foliage, varying textures, and architectural elements will keep visitors searching for more.

Enchanted garden design
Photo by Savannah Bennett on Unsplash

Plant selection

I have curated a selection of pastel, blooming plants in hues of pink, blue, lavender, and white. These plants range in bloom time from spring through fall for many months of color. Most of these plants are suitable for cutting and arranging in a vase. The rest creep and vine their way through the garden.

Enchanted garden design

The key to an enchanted garden is that it doesn't give its secrets away. You must wander, linger, look, and listen to what the garden offers you. Take your time in getting to the end of the path. No rush.

You want the shorter plants to edge the path graduating in height as you get further into the garden. Create your path using natural materials if possible, pebbles, wood chips, reclaimed wood planks, tree trunk slices, anything that looks like it's been there a while.

Photo by Erin Wilson on Unsplash

Edge your path with small twigs stuck into the ground, a wattle fence, rocks, or use ground cover or low plants. You can even plant ground cover in between stepping stones in your garden. The Red Mountain Ice Plant above is perfect for that.

Create height in the garden, drawing the eye up from the ground by adding architectural interest with an arbor or pergola. The Chinese Wisteria shown above will quickly cover the structure creating a secret, shady area or tunnel. This plant blooms twice a year and is very fragrant. Not to mention, stunning to look at.

Chinese wisteria growing over an arbor
Look up at the Chinese Wisteria and dream.....
Photo by Max on Unsplash

If your garden has walls or fencing, utilize trellis by attaching it to the structure for climbing vines such as clematis or wisteria. This softens the hard structures and makes your garden seem more secluded.

Enchanted garden path with climbing flowers on the walls
Use your fence or walls for climbing plants.
Photo by Daniel Zurnau on Unsplash

Consider adding a water feature to your enchanted garden that is small and somewhat hidden. You want to achieve the sound of trickling water. There are a lot of ideas online for easy DIY water features.

Whimsical accessories

Anything you put into your enchanted garden should look "found" or "old" to make it look like it's always been there. Use unconventional objects as planters such as hollowed out tree logs, stumps, teapots, old terracotta pots, baskets, your imagination is the limit.

Photo by Beau Swierstra on Unsplash

You will attract a lot of wildlife with your enchanted garden, be ready to feed the guests with bird feeders, bird baths, butterfly & bee waterers.

Tiny wind chimes will give a sweet sound when the wind blows and small string lights wrapped around tree branches or structures will light up the evening.

Bug hotels are very popular right now and can be made with recycled objects. These provide safe places to hide for insects and bees.

Bug hotel
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Small statues and garden ornaments can be hidden among your flowers for more interest. A few logs of different sizes stacked next to each other provide hiding places for frogs and toads, plus add more texture and interest.

Consider mulching your garden with natural items you would find on the forest floor. Pine needles, leaves, wood chips are nice choices that will decompose and invite bugs, worms, and vitamins into your soil.

Enchanted garden with cherry blossoms
Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash

Putting it all together

The plant selections above are not your limit, this is just a curated example of plants that all work in the same conditions, need good sunlight and water and have a pastel color scheme.

Feel free to select additional plants or change the colors to jewel tones or monotones from pastels.

Use a tree or arbor as a focal point and surround it with flowers and plants. And don't forget the fairy lights!!

Plan your garden today and get digging!

Please check out my other gardening articles such as a beginner's planting guide and attracting bees and butterflies to your garden. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Thanks for reading.

Create an Enchanted Garden
Create an Enchanted Garden to enjoy

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  1. Hi, this post is enchanting. Super helpful that you choose the plants and include them…great use of affiliate links 👏🏻👏🏻

      1. Thank you! Even a small corner of the yard or balcony can be a garden. I hope you do it! Like, the sea, gardening is good for the soul.

  2. How beautiful. I love that Hobbiton picture! I was fairly close to the Shire last year on the North Island of New Zealand. Many enchanted gardens in that paradise. Rocking post 🙂

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