Master Pinterest Marketing with Tailwind!

Master Pinterest Marketing with Tailwind!

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Tailwind is the must-have Pinterest marketing tool for new bloggers.

My blog is just about to have its 2 month anniversary and I have learned that time management is my friend. I work a full-time job and have a family that requires my attention. I need tools that make life easier and Tailwind is the top tool in my toolbox. If you want to master Pinterest marketing with Tailwind, let me tell you how.

Pinterest marketing

If you aren’t using Pinterest to market your blog, you should. 75% of my blog’s traffic originates from Pinterest. It’s an easy tool to drive blog traffic with visual “pins” for a virtual bulletin board. I’ve been using Pinterest for years to save ideas and recipes for later. If I want to know how to do something, Pinterest is where I check first.

Please don’t neglect this valuable tool for driving blog traffic. Pinterest is free as is a Pinterest Business account. I recommend linking your website to a Pinterest Business account. This will enable you to see analytics of your boards and your pins. This is important for you to determine what is working and what isn’t.

This is a very basic Pinterest overview because what I am here to tell you about is a tool that you use in conjunction with Pinterest, Tailwind.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a service that provides automated Pinterest pinning. Why on earth would someone need this? I’ve been pinning on Pinterest for years and never needed a pinning service. I thought the same thing!

In my early blogging days, a month ago, I was cranking out content, creating pins to go with my content, and pinning them all around Pinterest. I was joining group boards and trying to spread my pins far and wide.

The excitement and eagerness were flowing through me like an electrical current coursing through my veins. Everything was going great, I was blogging and enjoying building an audience, when life happened.

It’s a pretty common occurrence, life. It happens when you least expect it. I’m glad that I found Tailwind when I did because it definitely kept my blog going.

There’s not enough hours in the day.

Sometimes you feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get the things done that you have on that mental list. I found myself leaving the blog behind for other important matters.

I checked back in daily to see my “stats” and pay attention to what was happening there with my traffic and pageviews. There I noticed something significant.

In my absence, I had stopped pinning my website pins to Pinterest. This hurt my traffic significantly and was quite defeating.

I needed help with a problem and had no idea the solution was right here all along.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

I’m not sure where I came across Tailwind or if I was even looking for a solution to this problem. But there it was. I read about the service Tailwind offers and that they had a free account. Why not? Free account? I’ll give it a try!

I started my free account and linked it with my Pinterest account and Tailwind was ready to receive my commands! I got started straight-away and haven’t looked back.

A free account gives you access to their Tribes and 30 pins to upload to tribes. That was enough to get me started. I started scheduling pins right away.

Getting started: Master Pinterest marketing with Tailwind

Here is how you can get started. First, you’ll want to start your free account with Tailwind and link it to your Pinterest account. Click HERE to get going with your free account.

The free Tailwind account is not based on time but based on number of pins. You will get 100 pins to post under your free account. This is regardless of how long it takes you to pin those 100 pins.

Next, you’ll want to download the Tailwind browser extension. This will allow you to pin any picture on any website you are visiting. This saves a few steps from manual pinning. With this feature you can also pin to multiple boards in the time it takes to pin to one board. Bonus! Click HERE to get the browser extension.

Anytime you pin through the Tailwind app, your pins are placed on your schedule. The schedule is unique in that it has time slots for you to fill with pins. Those pins will “pin” at the time and date on that time slot.

These times are important because Tailwind has the data to know when the hottest times are to pin in your content in order to get the most exposure. Your time slots are those busy pinning times when people are looking at their Pinterest feed and these are tailored to your content.

In the past, I was bulk pinning multiple pins at one time in the off hours and hoping for the best. As a new blogger, I had no idea of all of that data that can be collected and used to your advantage in increasing blog traffic through your marketing. Simply stated, Tailwind knows the best times and can be configured to your time zone.

Now I have a Tailwind scheduler that does the heavy lifting for me. I select the pins and they fill in the schedule. Easy, peasy.

Need more time slots? Tailwind let’s you customize that as well. Pin as often as you like.

Tailwind Tribes

You probably are already sold, like I was, on an app that is going to save you time and pin your pins at the absolute hottest times to pin! But if you aren’t ready to sign up yet, let me tell you about an even cooler aspect to Tailwind.

Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind Tribes are groups of Tailwind users that are helping each other out. There are too many Tribes to count on Tailwind, but you just need to find five to join.

Some Tribes require approval from the Tribe owner, some are closed to new members, and some are just inactive. I suggest that you find a Tribe that is in your niche and active.

You can view the Tribe’s stats before joining, and you can leave Tribes whenever you like, but you can only be a member of 5 at any given time.

Alternatively or additionally, you can also create your own Tribe like I did. This does not count as one of your 5, so why not?? Do it! If you don’t want to do that, join mine instead. I pin every pin that comes through my Tribe.

Click HERE to join me at the Garden of Aquarius Tailwind Tribe.

Garden of Aquarius Tailwind Tribe for Pinterest
Garden of Aquarius Tailwind Tribe for Pinterest

Master Pinterest marketing with Tailwind

The numbers game

Marketing your blog is a numbers game. The more traffic the better. If you have no idea what is working, you really can’t expand on that or recreate it. This is exactly what you need to do to get your content out there and noticed.

The Tailwind Dashboard is a great place to see what your pins are doing for your blog. At a glance, you can see so much information in one place.

Below are my personal results, but Tailwind publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest/Instagram Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

Tailwind dashboard overview for Pinterest
Tailwind dashboard overview for Pinterest

Tribe overview

Tailwind Tribes overview dashboard
Tailwind Tribes overview dashboard

I monitor the Tribes I have joined to see which Tribe does the most work for my pins. If you aren’t getting as many repins as you like, you can leave and join a new Tribe.

Tailwind Plus account

When I started my blog, I made a plan to spend as little money as I could to make this successful on a shoestring budget. I had already paid for a year of hosting on Siteground and was not thrilled about the idea of spending any additional money on “extravagant” things.

But after using Tailwind for 2 weeks, I knew that I had to upgrade to the Plus account. I weighed the options, I researched, I thought deeply about it. I ended up giving up an audiobook account to counter the cost of Tailwind Plus.

We are a strict budget following household. I needed to discuss this decision with my Board of Directors. It was passed unanimously as long as I gave up my audiobook subscription.

I’ve never looked back and I happily spend $15 a month on Tailwind Plus. Look below at the price comparisons on the products. I think the average blogger would benefit from the Tailwind Plus account.

Tailwind Feature Comparison
Tailwind Feature Comparison

Smartloops on Tailwind

I think that Smartloops are one of the best parts of Tailwind. A Smartloop is a “loop” of pins that you select and Tailwind pins them for you, continuously looping those pins throughout your schedule. Smartloops are free with a Tailwind Plus account.

Tailwind gives you 250 active Smartloops with the Plus plan. I have two Smartloops running right now. Once I have more pins, that will increase.

I schedule my most popular pins to my Smartloops to keep them flying through the Pinterest world on a regular basis.

Smartloops Schedule
Smartloops Schedule

Power up!

Tailwind offers you the chance to increase the limits on Smartloops and Tribes by purchasing Power Ups. A Power up is a boost to the limits of Smartloops and Tribes. For a small, one-time fee, you can increase the number of Tribes or Smartloops instead of increasing your membership level. Power at your fingertips.

Tailwind’s Knowledge Base

Tailwind is a great scheduler for Pinterest marketing. What I didn’t know was how much information they have on their website to support bloggers. There are many video tutorials to show you how to do anything related to Tailwind.

Tailwind also provides free webinars every Tuesday to help you do what you do, only better. I love learning new things and how to do things more efficiently and that is what Tailwind is all about.

I have yet to get through all of the content in their library. Click HERE to view one of their video tutorials.

They also write a blog you can follow for tips. The support is endless and easy to get in contact with someone if you have issues. I have used the support personally and they were very responsive and friendly.

This article focuses on Tailwind for Pinterest but I should also tell you that there is a Tailwind for Instagram!

Master Pinterest marketing with Tailwind!

I hope you will look into Tailwind to boost your Pinterest marketing game. Start with your free account and you will quickly see how beneficial Tailwind can be to your business. Tailwind is a phenomenal tool and the only service I pay for to market my blog.

Master PInterest marketing with Tailwind
Master PInterest marketing with Tailwind

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    1. Sweet!!! I’m an avid “uploader” and I can’t budget my pins and always run out! I do love how much it does for me while I”m sleeping. Thanks for commenting!

  1. I love tailwind, it’s made using pinterest so much easier. Unfortunately though I can’t afford the paid version when my free on expires, I am not looking forward to that day!

    1. I definitely know what you mean. I made a decision to spend very little money on my blog until it started giving back. Tailwind is the only expense that I pay for, at the moment it seems to be worth the money.

  2. I think I’m going to need a step by step tutorial on how to use Pinterest and Tailwind effectively because I feel Like I’m missing out on so many things. Thanks for sharing this post though. I’ll bookmark it for my blog.

    1. I think I need to write about what I’m doing on Pinterest. It seems to be a constant traffic driver to my site. I love it. Hang on to Tailwind for when your Pinterest is built up.

  3. Yaaaassss! Definitely pinned this. Tailwind is my lifesaver. I work two jobs and I just launched my blog. Who has time to sit around and pin all day? I barely have time to sleep. 😂😂 Thanks so much for sharing. Very valuable information. You definitely nailed it.

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