Grove Collaborative Subscription Review

Grove Collaborative Subscription Review

A subscription service for environmentally sustainable cleaning, personal, baby, and pet care products

Grove Collaborative is an online retailer that sells earth-friendly products and ships them directly to your door. I have been a member of the Grove Collaborative subscription service for over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed their products and customer service. Here is my review.

I first became aware of Grove Collaborative through a Facebook advertisement and I clicked! I’m happy that I did. I have a secret shame of overbuying cleaning products and school supplies and Grove does not disappoint.

Grove sells household cleaning products, personal care, pet care, and baby care products. I have only tried the cleaning and personal care products and that is what I will speak about here.

Certified B Corporation

All of their products are natural and they are a Certified B Corporation. What is a Certified B Corporation? Well, it means that they follow rigorous standards for their business that prioritize social, environmental, and community well-being.

Certified B Corp sustainability
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What’s not to like about that? I feel good knowing that I do not have to read the label on their products because they have already vetted them for me.

Grove Brands & Name Brands

Grove Collaborative has their own brand of products that they sell and they are on par with my favorite name brand, Mrs. Meyers in quality and at a lower cost.

I purchased the Grove brand glass cleaning concentrate and put it up against my name brand glass cleaner, “Windex”. The Grove glass cleaner comes in a concentrate in a small tube that you squeeze into your sprayer and dilute with water.

I purchased the Lavender & Thyme scent and it is heavenly. So much nicer than the ammonia smell that comes with Windex. As far as performance, the Grove brand performed as well in cleaning the glass as the Windex. The scent pushes it over the finish line for the win. Not to mention that is is environmentally friendly.

When you purchase the concentrates, you should also purchase their glass spray bottle with a rubber protective sleeve. They are super cute. I squirted mine into the old Windex bottle to get another use out of it. My glass Grove sprayer is currently spoken for.

VIP Program

I became a member of the VIP Program as soon as I signed up. It was a great deal. It costs just $19.99 a year and the benefits are easily 5 times that price in return.

First of all, you will receive FREE shipping. This is huge because these items are not small or light, my Grove box is always a hefty delivery.

Secondly, VIP’s get four free gifts per year. These are full-sized products and worth a lot more than the $20 membership fee. I’ve received lip balms, cleaning caddies, dish towels, many wonderful gifts.

The final benefit, and it’s a good one, is early access to new products. This may not sound exciting or exclusive to you, but once you are hooked like me, it is like Christmas around here when that email comes.

Name brands that you know

You will see brands that you are familiar with such as Mrs. Meyers, Method, and Seventh Generation. I used to buy these brands at my grocery store, but Grove is actually cheaper than buying it locally. Not only that, but my store only stocks 2 different scents of the Mrs. Meyers products. While Grove Collaborative has 6 or more!

My favorite scents are: Honeysuckle, Geranium, Radish, Orange Clove, Passionflower. It’s a joy to clean. Maybe it’s just me.

Earth friendly products
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Customer Service

Grove Collaborative has scored an entire blog post because I think they are worth my time and energy to spread the word about this environmentally responsible company. Everyone should support companies that are kinder to the Earth.

I’ve only had to contact Customer Service 2 times for issues (my fault) with my order. Contacting them is so easy, they give you three options. You can contact them by email, phone, or text. Yes, TEXT!

Here was one of my issues: I had neglected to take items out of my cart and was set up for auto-ship (this isn’t required). A HUGE box of items appeared at my door and my card was charged.

Ooops! That wasn’t in the budget.

I texted and my card was credited the following day. How do they do that? It’s some sort of customer service magic, I tell you. I was sold.

Bottom line

Here’s the bottom line of my Grove Collaborative subscription review.

  • Sustainable, environmentally responsible corporation
  • Stellar customer service
  • Top of the line products
  • Save money, products at Grove cost less than at my local store
  • Free gifts 4 times a year
  • Sign up grants you a 5-piece Mrs. Meyers product set (this is valued at more than the VIP membership cost)
  • If your friends sign up, you get a credit to your account for introducing them to Grove Collaborative

Ready to clean?

If you feel that this is right for your household, click on my referral link. I will receive a small credit to buy MORE cleaning supplies or vitamins, or probiotics, or …..anything!

Referral link:

Here is the referral link. Sign up to receive a 5pc Mrs. Meyers gift set with the link provided.

The opinions I’ve stated here are my own and Grove is not paying me to tell you all of these great things! Thank you for reading my Grove Collaborative Subscription Review. I hope you will consider exploring this company. We need more of this in our world. Be green.

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Grove collaborative subscription review

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    1. I love honeysuckle. I’m about to place another order and the choosing is the hardest part. Thank you for reading.

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