Clean a Dirty Microwave in 5 Minutes Without Dangerous Chemicals

Clean a Dirty Microwave in 5 Minutes Without Dangerous Chemicals

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Cooked-on food spills in the microwave are impossible to clean!

Everyone’s microwave gets dirty, it happens. If you want to see a disgusting microwave, go to the break room of your employer. Eww. Food has a tendency to explode its contents when it cooks too long, it happens.

You can clean your microwave weekly in 5 minutes using only one cleaner, vinegar. Do you have a hard time using spray cleaners in an area that heats up and cooks food. I don’t like the idea of heating up chemical residue over my food.

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Let’s do this

First, take a shot glass and fill it with vinegar. You can use any microwave safe bowl or glass. I like how the vinegar cleans the shot glass so nicely at the same time. We use these for espresso and they get a film on them. Two birds, one stone.

I turn the microwave on for one minute. You can expect the vinegar to explode in there and spray it’s contents all over the ceiling and walls of the microwave. This is a good thing.

Take a paper towel or damp dish towel and wipe the ceiling first, then the sides, then scrape any crumbs into your hand from the bottom. Then wipe the door. Put this towel aside for the moment. Take a clean paper towel or dish towel and wipe down a second time.

If you have stuck on food, use a simple scraper. I have tons of these all over the house from The Pampered Chef. I use them for everything! Grab yourself a few here, inexpensive and handy.

Now with your first towel that is soaked with vinegar, wipe down the microwave hood if you have one, outside panel and door. Then follow with the dry towel.

Clean your glass tray in the sink with dish soap if necessary. Mine usually wipes clean after the vinegar spills over it during the heating process.

5 minutes and you are done!

This should take 5 minutes and you can clean your stove’s hood vent filters while you wait. Learn how to do that here.

Thank you for reading the Sunday Funday Series of housekeeping in the modern age. Please visit the Housekeeping Section for more in the series. Let’s make the world clean!

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4 Replies to “Clean a Dirty Microwave in 5 Minutes Without Dangerous Chemicals”

  1. Wow. I’ve never thought about using vinegar. I use dishwashing soap and a sponge. It gets it cleaned in 5 mins as well without harmful chemicals. I like your method. I’ll have to try it. Thank you Raheela

    1. Hi Raheela,
      Yes, the vinegar seems to melt it all away! I love it, it’s so cheap for a gallon where I live. I use it for almost everything.

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