DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs

DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs

Spread some flower love to an undisturbed area near you.

The world needs more flowers. Do you ever drive by an abandoned lot or unkempt area on your commute that could use some color and happiness? Everyday stuck in traffic near the same derelict lots, I dream of flowers. Cue the DIY wildflower seed bombs!

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Enter “Seed bombs”. Have you heard of them? What a fantastic little idea that I hope sweeps the world. I made my own and so can you. Read on for DIY wildflower seed bombs recipe!

I made my own seed bombs this year with seeds I collected from my garden. It was super easy and a fun project the kids were able to help with. I actually had them do all of the dirty work. Bonus!

Make your own wildflower seed bombs

DIY Wildflower seed bombs
Wildflower seed bomb factory

Here is what you will need:

  • Air dry clay
  • Packet of wildflower seeds (I used my own- collected from the garden)
  • Garden soil

Put the clay in a large container or bucket and start to work it with your hands until it is pliable. Wear gloves or your hands will be orange. Mix in garden soil. I used about 1 part garden soil to 3 parts clay. The exact measurements aren’t exact. Just mix it in until it looks right. Add your seeds and mix in some more.

Then I took a scoop and started scooping balls out of the container as the kids rolled them in their hands to make them more uniform. We laid them out on some paper bags to dry.

The drying took about a week, but it’s pretty humid in Florida. Yours may dry quicker. Once completely hardened, they are ready to go!

I have a bunch of them and I am waiting for spring to come! I’m already scoping out the places I will toss them.

Photo by Eva Waardenburg on Unsplash

Wildflower seed bombs for weddings, baby showers, & gifts

These DIY wildflower seed bombs are all the rage these days as gift favors. It’s so easy and inexpensive to make these, they are a hit for bridal and baby showers and wedding favors. I got 40 out of one tub of clay to give you an idea.

Throw those seed bombs!

It’s important to throw them where they won’t be disturbed and where they will get rain and sunlight. A few good places would be in abandoned lots that don’t get mowed, the road shoulder, on the edge of the woods, around a lake.

You could also just crack them open and plant the pieces anywhere you’d like wildflowers. Happy planting, throwing, cracking!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about wildflower seed bombs. I hope you will read more about my gardening adventures and make some magic of your own this season.

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